Interface ideas for a shared drawing Wiki

Draw: base drawing applet Item: base drawing item Run
Draw0: right-drag to draw multi-lines Item0: support multi-line item Run
Draw1: no change Item1: support thick lines Run
Draw2: render shadows Item2: shaded lines with drop shadows Run
Draw3: draw shadow if clicked on item Item3: check if item contains (x,y) Run
Draw4: draw shadow when dragging item Item4: ability to move items Run
Draw5: DELETE key, show mouse-over Item5: line thickening Run
Draw6: color palette; drag color onto item Item6: support colored item Run
Draw7: link item movements Item7: move item to move/color other items Run
Draw8: create text items Item8: support text item Run
Draw9: read and write Item9: read from and write to a file Run
Draw10: user interface for picking images Item10: no change Run
Draw11: ability to create image items Item11: support image item Run


Support classes: BufferedApplet, ImageList, LocalTextIO, Shapes
Source images

drawing2.rar (new version as of Tuesday Feb 27, with some bug fixes)