ad dance
ah hop
ai idle
aj jump
al lumber
am mope
an no
ap prowl
ar run
as swagger
at trot
ay yes

Change Color:

ccp pink
ccr red
cco orange
ccy yellow
ccg green
ccb blue
ccv violet

Change Eyecolor:

ced dark
ceh hazel
ceg green
ceb blue
cev violet


(character test for the RAPUNSEL project)

Moving around:

) turn left
( turn right
+ go faster
- go slower
! stop

Make your own sequences:

{N (N = A,B,.. Z) new seq
1..9 pause 0.1 to 0.9 secs
} end the new sequence
A..Z run sequence

Facial expression keys:

o open mouth
m mouth closed
s smile
f frown
w wide mouth
p pucker
g grimace
v vacant face

prefix keys:
< left side only
> right side only
n set to neutral

Body attitude keys:

u upward gaze
d downward gaze
l leftward gaze
r rightward gaze
\ tilt left
/ tilt right
z zen stance

prefix keys:
b boldly
t timidly
n set to neutral

Interest keys:

ic in camera
ia in avoiding camera
in in nothing

Source: PeepApplet extends render/RenderApplet
Peep extends PollymorphActor extends NewGeometry extends render/Geometry
, misc