(ie: Sid and the Penguins, contextualized)

"Yid and the Penguins" is a reconceptualization of the Holocaust discourse to embrace, on an ironic metalevel, the desensitization resulting from our entertainment-centered shared community of popular culture. The fragmentation of this community via a media-led assault upon its moral integrity is represented by "penguins", which transmute the principle of intolerance into a deceptively "cute and fuzzy" archetype, thereby encoding the group-think mindset which is a necessary precondition for atrocity.

By engaging the audience to identify equally with both the oppressor penguins and the morally compromised "Yid" victim character (whose desire to "fit in" leads ultimately to self-rejection of his core ethnic values), we create a dynamic of inter-ethnic tension in which the audience itself becomes complicit in the ironically fascist message that underlies the piece. The work thereby forges a direct link to the root psycho-traumatic causes of the Holocaust (a subject which cannot, in its full dimensions, be approached in a formally direct context).