Content: What causes us to perceive "personality?" At what point does a sculpture appear to "come to life?" And hey, what's with the "big lips?"

Tech notes: All skin is a single sphere, procedurally modified in real time by multiple space-varying displacements. About 30 such displacements are applied each frame, to define all the bones and muscles. Expressions and emotions are animated by modifying displacements via time-varying noise functions. All rendering is with my pure Java 1.0 renderer.

Instructions: Drag the mouse over the applet to change the view. Click any of the three buttons below left. Hint: the third button is the coolest. Or try varying expression with the sliders below. Or, to wander through various expressions, click "Emote!").

Ken Perlin

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Java source for sliders.


Java source: Face extends RenderApplet.