R/C Racing Cars  

I have been keen on playing models of vehicles, planes, and ships since my childhood. I remember at that time all my favorite toys were assembling kits. I had an iron kit, a wood kit and a plastic kit. In them there were all kinds of construction parts and could be used to build any kind of vehicles as I wanted.
Afterward, I began to find it more interesting to have the vehicles running around. Thanks to my father, he gave me some tiny small motors which brought me to a new world of racing. I put the motor into my weird-shaped vehicles and supplied it with electricity. That first running of my superrealistic car made me feel like the happiest engineer in the world.
In middle school, I joined a Vehicle Model Group in the Youth's Science Center. I met a friend who late became my friend for life time. "He" was Radio-Control-Model. It was a wonderful time when I built models with my colleagues. It was also surely fun to play with them.
Despite that I have put aside my friend for a long time since college, I have never forgot him. Joy and toy are always with boy. This summer, I found myself some time, and plunged into my Super Hornet, an R/C racing car bought online with good features. Although, it was just a day or so, that made me recall my happy childhood.
Moreover, I was also very fond of plane models. I had built three small scaled plane models before my high school days, while up till now I have never put a motor on a plane, not even mention the fancy R/C aircrafts. In spite of this, I believe my own private plane will soon be seen around above your head, with or without me inside.