My Gorgeous Cities

New York City
I accidentally moved to New York City for Ph.d study in Aug 1999. It was just accident because my school is here. However, it is so good to be here for my first experience abroad. Not only becasue it is not so clean on the street, but because it is a furnace that can melt everything, almost, almost everything.
New York City -- The Capital of Global Finance

Beijing is a quite different city from my hometown. It has some surprising power to change a man. Or maybe I should say every city that has a strong cultural and historical background has such a magic power. I am so honoured to have been in this place for four years.
Beijing, China
Beijing -- The Capital of Chinese Culture

Shanghai, China
This is my hometown, my home but not my town. It's not a town at all. It's big as well as crowded. This city witnessed my birth, my growth and my youth. Its absolutely unknown power of attractiveness never fails to reach me despite my increasing running speed.
Shanghai -- The Commercial Center of China

Are The Cradles Of Splendors