Welcome to Wei's homepage.

		About Me

	I was born in Shanghai, China and had spent my wonderful childhood 
	there with my parents. After high school, I went to Peking University
	in Beijing. The four years of college life had provided me with knowledge, 
	skills, and experience, and also cultivated in me the curiosity for more. 
	That brought me to New York University where I have been pursuing my 
	Ph.D. study. 
	During my study here at NYU, my major research focus is Computer 
	Graphics, especially in the field of human modeling and animation. Using 
	artificial life modeling techniques, we model human pedestrians as 
	self-controlled individuals, with each of them having motor, perceptual, 
	behavioral and cognitive abilities. These intelligent human agents can be 
	animated naturally with very little user intervention. My research page has 
	more details about such artificial characters.
	One of my hobbies is to travel and explore the world, as this world is full 
	of amazing things, whether natural or artificial, that are beautiful, delightful 
	and inspiring.