A Walking Man
designed by Wei Shao, NYU, 2001
Click in the picture to get it focused and then ...
  • Press w/W to render in Wireframe. (fastest)
  • Press g/G to render in Facet shading. (faster)
  • Press p/P to render in Phong shading with only diffusive reflection. (slower)
  • Press s/S to render in Phong shading with both diffusive and specular reflection. (slowest)
  • Click the button ">>" to play the animation.
  • Click the button "->" to play the animation frame by frame.
  • When animating, fast renderings are recommend.
  • When animating, do not use antialiasing.
  • Click "rot" or "mov" to switch mouse-dragging control action.
  • Click "Scene", "ObjectTree", "ObjectNode", "Camera" or "Light" buttons and drag your mouse on the picture to move/rotate the selected object.
  • Click "Antialias" to switch it on (antialias=2) or off (antialias=1).
  • Using "Antialias" and "Specular Phone Shading", you will get a bestlooking picture.
  • Click "Magnify" and drag the picture to see details of the pixels.
  • "Magnify" can be good tool if you want to see detailed effect of antialiasing.

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