Environmental Modeling for Autonomous Virtual Pedestrians
[ Paper to appear at SAE Digital Human Modeling 2005 ]

Video Clips

(All videos are 320x240 in resolution.)

Large Scale Simulation

  • Simulation with 1000 pedestrians (rendered in colored diamonds) in Penn Station (avi 30MB) (mpeg4 5MB)

  • Reactive Behaviors

  • Keep going forward and avoid obstacles (avi 11MB) (mpeg4 3MB)

  • Avoid people coming from aside (avi 9MB) (mpeg4 4MB)

  • Avoid people travelling in opposite direction (avi 3MB) (mpeg4 1MB)

  • Maintain safe distance in a crowd (avi 12MB) (mpeg4 4MB)

  • Self-organizing patterns emergent from integration of reactive behaviors (avi 29MB) (mpeg4 6MB)

  • Motivational Navigation Behaviors

  • Detailed path-planning, plan-guided navigation, arriving, and ... (avi 8MB) (mpeg4 2MB)

  • Passageway Navigation (avi 30MB) (mpeg4 6MB)

  • Bottle-neck flow control (avi 19MB) (mpeg4 4MB)

  • Non-Navigational Behaviors

  • Lining-up At Ticket Booth (avi 25MB) (mpeg4 4MB)

  • Getting a Drink from Vending Machine (avi 12MB) (mpeg4 3MB)